About Us

The UASRC is a non-profit trade association founded in 2012 to focus on the needs of contractors in the insurance restoration industry.  Originally the belief was that the UASRC would focus on legislation and the impact it had on the storm restoration industry.  It was soon recognized that the impact our small group could make in that arena would be very limited but that we could still make a difference.  That is why today the UASRC is focused on bringing affordable educational opportunities to contractors. 

Changing an industry as fractured as insurance restoration is a long-term commitment.  Although we have just scratched the surface of, we are proud that over the past six years many thousands of contractors have attended Growth Seminars put on by the UASRC.  They attend to gain the knowledge to make immediate improvements to their business.  It is always rewarding to see contractors take the time to work on their business, and then to hear about the results at the next event.

In addition to Growth Seminars members of the UASRC get to attend Storm Summit, a twice-yearly Industry Round Table Event.  This is held in different parts of the country to give members the opportunity to see how business is done in other parts of the country.

If you are interested in becoming a UASRC member please click the join link above.  Rather attend a seminar, just click on the calendar to see where we will be next.